Cheese biscuit, potty, or monster school


This is a short post, but too good not to share. 

The choices in life. The things I say to my child. Oh my. How they all intertwine.

We have a crazy morning routine in our house. And because of my work schedule and my husband’s work schedule it changes every 11 days. So, just as things smooth out and become “normal”, they flip again and my 4 year old penguin is out of sorts again. 

Friday mornings are my morning to take her to “monster school”. It started out dramatic, which is inherited, because she told me “I can’t get dressed. I didn’t sleep well”. Yes, I said she is 4. We finally made it to the van, without letting the dog out, which is a success in itself. But then she melts down. “I can’t buckle myself”. “I can’t do it”. Over and over and over. So, being the original drama queen, I know the best way to handle this is to stay calm. So, I calmly told her that we would sit in the car until she put her seatbelt (car seat) on. And I did. I sat there through many more “I can’t mommy”, and finally it was done and I turned around and started the van.

We were on our way. Knowing we would be too late for breakfast at monster school I opted for the precious cheese biscuit from McDonalds. We proceeded to drive through line and the people in my town cannot follow directions so they form two lines before it actually splits off. So, I’m stuck in this line, contemplating asking someone to get me coffee and deliver to my window, when I hear the whining start. “Mommy, I have to go tee-tee. They have one of those pottys don’t they?”. SIGH “Yes, they do but I’m stuck in line. Do you want to eat or me get out of line when I can and go straight to monster school to use the bathroom?” “I want cheese biscuit”. “Okay, then you’ll have to wait.” I get to the menu to order, being reminded not to forget her chocolate milk, and get it ordered. Almost at home base. “Mommy, I really have to potty”. Here is where the choices come in. “Okay, I can get out of line and go to school, but I’ve just ordered. Cheese biscuit or bathroom? We all have to make choices.” Yes, that’s what I said. Her answer? “Cheese biscuit”.

The choices we make start early. And no, they won’t always be simple, but next time ask yourself “cheese biscuit or bathroom?” And remember the simplicity of it all. 

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