You can earn a mid-life crisis degree

Did you know? The local technical college is now allowing students to attend and earn a mid-life crisis degree? It’s not really labeled that under “courses of study ” in the hand book, but if you look it’s there. That’s how I sure feel right now (laughing hysterically to keep from crying ).

The Southern Belle is officially registered for college. AGAIN. After already earning a Bachelors degree at age twenty-one, I now feel the need at almost thirty-seven to Go BACK TO SCHOOL?!?!? I have finished orientation, I have a student ID, and a parking pass. The only thing I haven’t done is pay that horrifying financial “aid” bill. I’ve never seen one before as I was fortunate enough to attend my first go around on scholarship. Aid means help. Why, when you receive no help do they still refer to it as financial aid? 

I digress. So, yes, my student ID may say a different program of study, but as I try to push the knot out of my stomach and ignore the “wtf are you doing?” looks I feel from Penelope, I know it should say Mid-Life Crisis Program. Honestly, I WANT to do it, but really? What. Am. I. Doing? My husband is a truck driver, my daughter is almost 5, and as of now I get up at 4:00a.m for work. So, that’s what I’m doing. Trying to get out of that jar.

Maybe if I pretend to be an intern , a devoted , married, intern on Grey’s Anatomy I can get through it. 😊 But, until then, I think the following picture sums up my thought process of how I feel about right now:


6 thoughts on “You can earn a mid-life crisis degree

  1. Bless you Southernbelle…you really are trying to get out of that jar, aren’t you ?? ( I love that analogy ) … Well done for going back to ‘school’. Education, of any sort, never does any one any harm. Life on it’s own can be VERY educating, if one chooses to learn life’s lessons, but I really admire you for fitting more study in to your very busy lifestyle…Good on you, Southernbelle ….


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