Why college football depresses me


College football has deep seeded roots in the south. I’m sure other parts of the country would argue their traditions just as strong, but the south is what I know to be for fact. Starting in September, southerners plan life events around college football. I can attest to that. I had to get married in September, on a Saturday, on a non-SEC game day, and the Dawgs had to be untelevised. Yes, what I know to be true is that Saturday in the south changes in September. Or, it used to for me.

I do not come from a line of college football fans. I am an only child and my daddy was really more into baseball. Yes, I cheered one year of high school football, but I had no idea what the defense cheer even meant. I am a new college football fan with my roots only being newly planted in the late 1990’s. But oh man, did I fall in love. I mean really in love. Not just for the parties, but for the commrarardie and the game itself. And, as any good southern belle, my entertaining gene came out. I did love to have a good spread on a Saturday with everything in my University of Georgia dishwater. Everything had to be cooked ahead of time and on the table before kick off. After kick off the only think I moved for was another cocktail, not to cook in the kitchen. 

Yes, sigh, my Saturday routine was in full swing. It even managed to survive a divorce and transition nicely into the new marriage (the one planned around the game). Then the last two years happened. My husband went on the road, friends have moved, and it seems that the only one I’m left to watch football with is the penguin. She isn’t as impressed with my Georgia vs. Florida decorations as I’d hoped. 

Yes, I’m just as excited as any southerner for Saturday’s  in September to come back around. I have taught the penguin to yell “Go Dawgs” with the best of them and we will wear our red and black with pride. But, I still long for those days when the house was filled with people and the aroma of delicious  food. The way game day used to be. 

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