GASP! There are children at Disney World!!!



That’s right people. I know this may be a surprise to some folks, but there are children at Disney World. A lot of children!

My family and I recently were able to take a family vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida. The penguin is 5 years old so it is a perfect age for her. So we loaded the sit and stand stroller every day with wipes, extra clothes, and anything else one might need. I pushed that stroller up and down hills, through lines, and around people. I heard the childless people say, “I really don’t like children”.

I get it. Besides my precious penguin, I’m not a fan either. I never really babysat, I’m not the woman who holds all the new babies, it’s just not me. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t dislike them, I just don’t go all googly for them either. However, I do appreciate the innocence and untarnished heart that children have.

Look. I’ve done Disney both ways. I’ve been the carefree, childless couple able to bob and weave in and out of the masses of people. Yes, the people with strollers. And children. Multiple children and sometimes multiple strollers. But that’s okay. I knew that when I walked inside that magical place. I have now done Disney with the stroller and the child. As much as I enjoyed myself in the carefree days of roaming Epcot drinking myself through each country, nothing can compare to how my heart felt watching the awe and wonder on my penguin’s face this time.

So I will say this once again. Disney World has children. So don’t go with the intentions of not seeing any or not having any get in your way as they stare aimlessly up at Cinderella’s castle. Instead of the grunts, the huff, and the “now I know why I don’t have children” comments, how about you stop, breathe in the popcorn smell, and stare up at it with them.

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