All about the Southern Belle


A Southern Belle in a modern world trying to uphold the values of the past while challenging the status quo with my quirky, caffeine infused , often crazy sense of humor. I’m a “mama” to a wonderfully created daughter, The Penguin, who is the delight to any day. She is a thousand miracles a day and unbelievably loved. I also work outside the home while my husband is on the road as a truck driver. Often accused of having an active imagination I needed a place to let it all out and to allow the perpetual hamster, Penelope, that is in my head have her say.

I just wanted a place to put my thoughts down. I type faster than I write , so this blog became my online diary. Sometimes I’m here, sometimes I’m not. When I’m not chasing a lively 4 year old penguin, working, or going crazy I try to find the time to release the thoughts from the cage of my brain. I have a very dry sense of humor and the caffeine overload usually stimulates that into hysterical laughing at myself. Sometimes I wonder if other people knew what was going through my head, would I be committed because they were afraid or just because they thought I was way too out there?

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