Miss Lauren, the Aggravated

This is my penguin’s pre-k teacher. She is the BEST. What a wonderful response to a difficult day……with 5 year olds 🙂

Miss Lauren, Pre-K Teacher


“Please lay down.”

“Please stop touching that.”

“Please just wash your hands and stop playing in the water.”

“Keep you hands to yourself, honey.”

“Stay in line, darling.”

“You have 5 seconds to move away from that table.”

“We don’t say potty words, kids!”

“We don’t do that, guys.”

“Let’s chill it out a bit, dudes.”

“Please don’t talk during nap time.”

“No, seriously. Please don’t talk during nap time.”


I have repeated these phrases so much today that I’m going to outlaw them from my vocabulary. I’m so tired of hearing myself say them, honestly. Surely, the kids that hear them are tired of them too. Oh, wait, that’s not true, because they would actually have to be listening to hear them! Why are they all deaf?! What’s the deal with them today!? Where are my angels and who is responsible…

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The SB guide to those 5 things…


A friend shared a blog post from Money Saving Mom titled 5Things You should Do Every Single Day-Even when life is Stressful. I read with an open mind, but I still ended up on the floor laughing. Please understand, I AM NOT MAKING FUN OF THE WRITER or her ideas!!! I simply find them hilariously funny when trying to apply them to my real, every day life. 

I also understand that there are some people who live real lives that follow these, my mother is one. I just can’t seem to find the sanity to fit these 5 mundane things into my already over stretched day. I have enough trouble making sure everyone is fed to worry about some of this other stuff. 

So here it goes. My take on the  5 Things You should do every single day…. 

1. Write a Short to do list

I suggest no more than 5-7 items on your to-do list each day, otherwise, you’re probably setting yourself up for defeat and frustration.

Yeah, um, so the small OCD tendencies that I have left screaming to be let out really do like this one. But, the borderline crazy, hanging on by a thread person that’s taken over is laughing. My to do list consist of work, pick up penguin, sleep, work. If I’m lucky a load of laundry may get done but that isn’t because I don’t right it down. 

2. Make your bed 

Truth be told, this is something I’m still working on myself. However, I’ve been much more committed to making this a priority after watching this video. (Yes, go watch it. I’ll wait for you!)

Honestly, I didn’t watch the video, so I may be missing out on an earth shattering reason as to why I should. Truth be told I like a good ole made up bed. However, it’s not practical. The penguin sleeps in the bed until I pick her up asleep at 5:00 am to take her to the car. So, waking my 5 year old to make a bed is not an option.

3. Get Dressed in Something That Makes You Feel Great

Working at a prison on a medical floor makes this difficult too. Scrubs, scrubs, and more scrubs. But, on a positive note I have started to assecorize my eyeglasses. The weekends I make an effort but I can’t think straight and I just want to get out of the house. Plus I am making sure the penguin isn’t dressing in 5 layers. This one I am working on.

4. Do one Load of Laundry From Start to Finish

This one I actually do. When it’s just me and the penguin. Then my husband comes home with his eleven days worth and it creates a huge problem. Then the problem becomes one that I don’t want to deal with. So this one is more stubbornness then anything. 

5. Keep your kitchen clean

I can do this by not cooking! And we eat oatmeal, cereal, yogurt. We rinse out our cups or use disposable. But then of course the husband comes homes and starts competing for the Next Top Chef and all hell breaks loose. 

So, it’s mostly true. Even for someone as crazy as me that that’s 5 things can be done. Maybe not to the perfection the author suggest, but to the level your comfortable with.

GASP! There are children at Disney World!!!



That’s right people. I know this may be a surprise to some folks, but there are children at Disney World. A lot of children!

My family and I recently were able to take a family vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida. The penguin is 5 years old so it is a perfect age for her. So we loaded the sit and stand stroller every day with wipes, extra clothes, and anything else one might need. I pushed that stroller up and down hills, through lines, and around people. I heard the childless people say, “I really don’t like children”.

I get it. Besides my precious penguin, I’m not a fan either. I never really babysat, I’m not the woman who holds all the new babies, it’s just not me. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t dislike them, I just don’t go all googly for them either. However, I do appreciate the innocence and untarnished heart that children have.

Look. I’ve done Disney both ways. I’ve been the carefree, childless couple able to bob and weave in and out of the masses of people. Yes, the people with strollers. And children. Multiple children and sometimes multiple strollers. But that’s okay. I knew that when I walked inside that magical place. I have now done Disney with the stroller and the child. As much as I enjoyed myself in the carefree days of roaming Epcot drinking myself through each country, nothing can compare to how my heart felt watching the awe and wonder on my penguin’s face this time.

So I will say this once again. Disney World has children. So don’t go with the intentions of not seeing any or not having any get in your way as they stare aimlessly up at Cinderella’s castle. Instead of the grunts, the huff, and the “now I know why I don’t have children” comments, how about you stop, breathe in the popcorn smell, and stare up at it with them.

The Belle won an award

Thank you to the nice bloggers at Old Folks at Homestead for nominating me for the Liebster award! I am honored and flattered.


Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.

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As part of this award, I am to answer eleven questions asked of me by my nominators. Here it goes…

1. Is this your first blog?

Yes, this is my first blog

2. Why do you blog?

I have to get it all down

“If I get all down on paper, it’s no longer inside of me, threatening the life it belongs to.”

3. Do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Yes, I do

4. What is your passion?

My daughter

5. Do you have a favorite author?

Not any longer

6. What kind of music do you like?

60s, country, “songwriters”

7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Right where I am

8. Where do you find the most inspiration? Everyday

9. What is your favorite food?

Sandwiches of any type

10. What person, living or dead, would you most like to meet?

That one makes me think

11. What are your long term goals?

To raise my daughter continuing to be the free spirited child she is today

Trapped, like a bug in a jar


While waiting on my mama recently to come out of a store, I observed two wasps in a brawl, or mating ritual, I’m not sure which. In either case, one wasp was left the victor and flew away freely while the other suffered a leg amputation and began to hobble around the sidewalk. I continued to watch as I waited, simply because these mundane events of life are calming to my overworked brain, and the injured wasp continued to stumble and eventually ended up in a sidewalk crack. My mama came out of the store about this time and I voiced my condolences to the wasp by offering to “write a witness statement” if needed while my mama insisted I get in the car before someone called the police on the “crazy lady” outside. 

In light of recent events, I can relate to the trapped feeling of the wasp. Of course, he may have flew away right after I drove off. But the bugs we trapped in jars as children didn’t always fare so well. No, I’m not dying a slow, airless death. At least not that I’m aware of, but I am trapped. I have nowhere to go. That’s what it feels like. I’ve never felt so suffocated by the lack of choices before. Maybe the lack of realistic choices. That stick put in jars for the bugs….that’s what I’ve got. One end or the other. Neither end really offering an immediate, viable solution. No leaves in sight. I must’ve eaten all those when I was a younger, naive bug and I thought the leaves and air were endless. 

Yup, that’s me. A bug trapped in a jar. I can see out, see where I need to be, what needs to happen, but I’m stuck in this jar and I can’t seem to make it happen. Time is running out I fear. I do fear that the time spent being trapped I will miss the meaningful parts of the little bug outside the glass. When I was the younger version, I would have flown away. Now, I fear I reached my peak and I’m stuck in the crack of life. 

So, this is what happened….


I know I posted on my Facebook page about having good material this morning. And I did. This morning. I know it. I remember while it was happening thinking, “this is going to make for a good blog post”. But then the next eleven hours or so happened and all seems to be lost.

I know it was going to be about my comical, yet stressful morning with my 4 year old penguin. But seriously, now that I have time to post, it has all left me. Maybe it was the “hold me” plea as I sat on the toilet. Or it could have been when she told me she wouldn’t tell Spazz, the dog, to “have a good day”. But then there were some musings in the drive thru. Oh wait!! 

Cheese biscuits from a arched fast food chain are one of her all time favorite foods. For a 4 year old she has a well balanced diet and we don’t focus on food in our house (another post all together). So, I ordered the precious biscuit. From the back seat I hear, in her best ‘I’ve -been-wronged’ whine, “where is the white cheese?”. I’m thinking she is referring to the provolone cheese that she will only eat on her samwhiches so I say “they don’t have white cheese. What wonderland are you living in Alice?”. Giggles take over in only a way my penguin can giggle and she says “no, silly, they put white cheese on it!”. They did! The arches switched it up. Who knew? I said “well, I guess you are in wonderland”. 

Now, I know that’s not much, and I know there was more. But, maybe Penelope can find it tonight filed in between my files labeled “are you really going back to college?” and “are you really going back to college?”. If my little file keeper retrieves the “good material” I’ll post again. I’ve learned now to take voice memos.

WTF am I doing? Really? 

Panic attack. Check. Questioning my sanity. Check. Defiantly feeling like I’m falling off a cliff after taking another step towards going back to school for a big career change. I’m taking deep breaths and talking it through with my husband so he can help me back up from the edge. The first time I went to college I was too naive and full of myself to realize that I could fail at it. The older, life experienced me of today knows the cruelty and reality that failure is a possibility. That self assured side of me says I’ve never failed at anything (that practice marriage doesn’t count), and I’m scared out of my mind. Like horror movie, zombies chasing me with no weapon scared.