You can earn a mid-life crisis degree

Did you know? The local technical college is now allowing students to attend and earn a mid-life crisis degree? It’s not really labeled that under “courses of study ” in the hand book, but if you look it’s there. That’s how I sure feel right now (laughing hysterically to keep from crying ).

The Southern Belle is officially registered for college. AGAIN. After already earning a Bachelors degree at age twenty-one, I now feel the need at almost thirty-seven to Go BACK TO SCHOOL?!?!? I have finished orientation, I have a student ID, and a parking pass. The only thing I haven’t done is pay that horrifying financial “aid” bill. I’ve never seen one before as I was fortunate enough to attend my first go around on scholarship. Aid means help. Why, when you receive no help do they still refer to it as financial aid? 

I digress. So, yes, my student ID may say a different program of study, but as I try to push the knot out of my stomach and ignore the “wtf are you doing?” looks I feel from Penelope, I know it should say Mid-Life Crisis Program. Honestly, I WANT to do it, but really? What. Am. I. Doing? My husband is a truck driver, my daughter is almost 5, and as of now I get up at 4:00a.m for work. So, that’s what I’m doing. Trying to get out of that jar.

Maybe if I pretend to be an intern , a devoted , married, intern on Grey’s Anatomy I can get through it. 😊 But, until then, I think the following picture sums up my thought process of how I feel about right now: