Quarantine has taught me

I know it has been awhile. Yes, I have had plenty of time to write being in isolation and all, but as usual there were too many words rushing through my head. I have given this post some thought, about forty eight hours or so, and I cannot hold it in any longer.

Even as a forty something year old woman, I still struggle with the queen B’s, cliques, and general fakery that goes on between women. WOMEN- for those that did not catch it the first time. I am getting better with learning to spot it and move on from it, but at times I wonder if that leaves me jaded?

During quarantine I really tried to stay off of social media. I checked my Facebook notifications daily in case a craft crisis had occurred in one of my craft groups, but I tried not to scroll and I did not post. But, then I started to scroll the closer we got to the end of isolation. I saw people, Facebook “friends”, some I thought who were real friends posting all about their journey to become more open, accept more friends, blah, blah, blah. I saw others just having a grand time with each other , kids playing together, laughing. Here I am stuck in a depression watching Netflix.

This may sound like a pity party. I assure you it’s not. It is perplexing. I have put myself out there. I have joined groups. I have helped at my daughters school. I have done everything I know to make mom friends. The mom friends that are in a clique, well they were in a clique in high school too together. This is the part I did not know happened. I did not know that clique carried over into adulthood. I have changed since high school, but y’all haven’t?

It’s just so confusing. So sad. Frustrating. Lonely. Quarantine made me realize the fakery and mean girls of grown women.

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