The Belle and the Penguin

**This will be the spot of what I am trying to make a weekly feature. The idea is writing down what my mini me says so you get an idea of how crazy we both can be. When I post a new thought or blurb here I will move the old one to an actual post under the category titled The Belle and the Penguin. Stay tuned….
August 21, 2015

The Belle: “My hand still smells like poop.” The Penguin: “Maybe you touched your butt.”

The Penguin: “Gizmo not listen and obey to daddy. She keeps running away.”

The Penguin: “Mommy, you know you not get pug today.” The Belle: “I know, but why not?” The Penguin: “You only get pug on Saturdays.”

The Belle: “I think you are sleepy, look at those eyes.” The Penguin: “Look! At my eyes now. You not say that about my eyes anymore. Look how they are now, open.”

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